Change the Sky with Sky Segmentation!

  • Adding non-segmented objects

    Now let’s say you want some things to NOT be segmented. To do this, we can add another camera which does not have a Mask Texture.

    In the Objects panel, press Add new > Camera.

    Select the new camera, then in its Inspector panel, in the Input field, choose Textures > camera_output.

    Then to have this camera’s result be the final image, in the Resources panel, click Add New > From Camera > then select your new camera. Select the new texture, and in its Inspector panel tick the box next to “Use as Output”.

    You’ll notice that your objects are now rendered twice. This is because both cameras are rendering the same layer. To fix this, select your new camera, and in the Inspector panel, under the Camera component, select the dropdown next to layers, and press “Add New”; then choose the new layer and untick “Default”.

    Now, to have an object appear unsegmented, we just have to change their layer to this new one! Select the object, and in the top right corner of the Inspector panel, press the dropdown next to Layers, and choose the one you just created.

    Finally, since our original camera was tracking the phone’s rotation, we can parent our new camera to it so that it tracks the phone’s rotation as well!

    And that’s it! Now you can have your Lens show objects that are close and are far from the user.


    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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